Development of the delivery services for business and startups. Optimization of the routine processes like shopping — is one of the basic parts of life. This is the main ideology of the iGooods — delivery of goods from your favorite store to your home or the office.

A customer chooses the familiar store
A customer fills the shopping cart in a few clicks and sets the expected time of delivery
A picker collects selected
goods and packs them. Once the package is ready courier picks up the packet
A courier delivers the order to the address and receives payment
Using our team’s acknowledgment, create a product to free up a customer's time making them able to purchase easy and quick.
One web app for either a desktop or mobile browser for a customer, a manager, a picker and a delivering person.
For customers
Online point and click shopping platform which allows to buy the products, leave notifications for the packers and couriers and communicate with pickers and admins.

Delivery tracking system with an SMS-notification allows to a customer to receive information from pickers and couriers.

The feedback system can allow the customers to leave any comments about their service and receive feedback from managers.
For managers
Management working process: The manager can quickly change the lists of the available products and control the employees work attendance. It could also view revenue for the current day or print a report

Multi-platform: Admin app can be easily accessed from desktops or mobile devices with iOS and Android.
For pickers
Mobile POS terminal — collect customer’s shopping list
using BT barcode reader, manage it, send SMS notifications
to the couriers and customers and communicate with a customer's. All in one web app optimized for iOS
and Android tablets!
For delivery crew
Simple logistics and delivery tracking system packed into the web app for iOS and Android.

Shopping list management. Real-time changes in a customer order list.

Feedback from customers. Easy info sharing about customers and routes.
We design iGooods to be the fastest and simplest online shopping platform.
After discussing details with client our UI/UX designer began working on the concept. From this point, we have done a lot of research which help us to understand how to create the best UI for the online shopping platform.

When a customer starts using the app for the first time there no needs for any registration.

A customer can simply choose the store and proceed to select the desired goods.

The system will automatically prompt to a customer to register a new account when he moves to the order section.

Analogs search

If a customer isn’t sure which commodity to choose he’s always able to edit the cart before placing the order.

The system automatically selects and displays the analogs of products available in the store.

A customer can choose whether to leave the selected product in the cart or replace it with its analog.

After making the selection the buyer can quickly add a new product or leave the selected goods and navigate to the order.

Delivery tracking

Once the package is ordered a customer can proceed to the online tracking of the assembly and delivery processes. The system automatically updates the information about the order status and
send the information from the assembly
to the goods replacement.

When the picking process is over the system automatically sends the notification about it.

The next step is delivery. From this moment, a customer can track the courier’s movement. A customer will always know whether or not the courier is hold up.

We always improve our skills to be more productive and try to stay ahead of technology.
Our skills allow us to use the best available technologies and to create something truly unique and special.
  • # Back-end
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sidekiq
  • # Server & deploy
  • Nginx
  • Puma
  • Ansible
  • Capistrano
  • # Front-end
  • Haml
  • Scss
  • Bootstrap
  • Coffeescript
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Evrobone
  • # Database & search
  • Redis
  • Postgresql
  • Elasticsearch
For developers needs, we found a solution to simplify the javascript coding process.
We create our own lightweight client-side framework EVROBONE based on Backbone.js to speed up work process of the Ruby on Rails front-end development.
We are satisfied with the level and quality of the product obtained as a result of  a long-term project with Evrone. We received a system that meets our high requirements.

CEO of the iGooods.ru
Thanks to the Evrone, we were able
to implement supposed technological chain. Tasks were accomplished clearly, and there weren’t any misunderstandings between us throughout the whole cooperation.
Project leader of the iGooods.ru
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